Retired 67-Yr-Old Lines Street Kids Up Every Day, Transforms Their Lives With Unconventional Classroom.

man and kids sitting on sidewalk

We have shared stories with you before about people caring for the homeless. Like this story about a taco shop owner who made it easy for customers to donate coats to the homeless, and this little girl who gave a homeless man her dinner after spotting him from inside a restaurant. But few stories compare to the wonderful efforts a man in India has made, to educate New Delhi’s homeless children.


A selfless retiree, Shyam Bihari Prasad, has set up a classroom on the roadside to help educate some of the poorest children in the world. Prasad’s students all live on the streets and beg for a living, but thanks to his efforts they have a chance at a real future.

The 67-year-old left his job in the telecommunications field back in 2010 to take care of his granddaughter and his wife. Prasad soon realized he could do more with his time, and set up his first street school 3 years ago.

His unconventional approach to education is starting to catch on like wildfire in other impoverished areas. Though it’s yet unclear exactly what it’s impact will be, it’s clear that Prasad’s street school is fulfilling a dire need in the lives of these children.

Check out his story in the video below.

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