15 Before And After Pictures That Show The Astounding Passage Of Time

old family farm with a house in 1900 and that same house now updated in 2000

Time is always moving forward, even when we don’t notice it. That’s one of the great things about photographs — they help us remember where we’ve come from and allow us to hold on to a bit of the past.

The subreddit r/OldPhotosInRealLife is full of people who are fascinated not only by old photographs, but by those taken in the same locations. They serve as an incredibly fascinating way to see just how much things have changed. We’ve gathered some of our favorites for you to enjoy below!

1. The entrance into York, England in 1865 vs. 2015.

2. The Golden Cross Inn located in Coventry, England — 1819 vs. 2020.

3. November will mark 32 years since the Berlin Wall fell.

4. The world around it has greatly changed since 1895, but this large oak tree in Thomasville, Georgia remains the same.

5. Archeologists discovered an ancient Greek stadium, and the before and after pictures are astounding.

6. Old family home found.

The first photo is of a Nashville home in 1896, two years before the grandfather of the Reddit user who posted it was born. The photo had always been in his family, but he finally looked up the address on Google maps and was thrilled to find it still intact!

old nashville home in 1896

7. Preserving a piece of history.

The Western Metal Supply Co. in San Diego was built in 1909 and remained mostly the same until it was set to become part of Petco Park. Rather than demolishing it entirely, the stadium was built specifically to keep part of the building intact.

8. “New York Harbor: Top photo by my great-grandfather in 1937, bottom photo by me in 2019.”

9. This beautifully edited photo shows visitors from both 1910 and 2019 admiring the same painting in The Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

10. In 1993, this Detroit home was literally falling apart. Now it’s completely restored!

11. A side-by-side comparison of Van Gogh’s “Cafe Terrace At Night” to the location today is simply stunning.

van gogh’s cafe terrace at night from 1888

12. There’s something so strange about seeing an unfinished bridge — this one is in Manhattan and the first photo is from 1908!

unfinished manhattan bridge in 1908 and that same bridge now finished

13. A street in Kraków, Poland in 1939 vs the 2010s.

14. “My family farm c.1900/2000. It was in our family for 125 years. My childhood bedroom window is in the top center. It was also my father’s and my grandfather’s bedroom.”

old family farm with a house in 1900

15. The beautiful Lombard Street in San Francisco while it was being built in 1922 vs. 2018.

What a beautiful way to show how far these places have come — we could look at these photos all day! Which one was your favorite?

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