Woman Shares 7 Hilariously Savage Things Her Chinese Grandmother Has Said.

woman holds up her grandma

Stereotypically, grandmas are rigid, calm, and quiet. This Chinese grandmother is throwing out that stereotype, pulling out some hilarious and iconic clapbacks to her granddaughter. It’s not every day you see an elderly woman saying such sassy things — and we can’t get enough of it!


Let’s take a look at some of these incredible “out-of-pocket” roasts from this Chinese grandma.

PS: There’s a little NSFW element to these… Grandma loves a middle finger.

1. YOWCH! That burn really roasted.

chinese grandma roasts granddaughter
This image is from YouTube.

She’s probably just trying to give her granddaughter some thick skin. It’s sort of, almost, a compliment I think?

2. “Take a photo of me and send it to my iPad.”

Grandma flips off camera
This image is from YouTube.

This Chinese grandma not only has a great handle on savage language, but she loves technology, too! I think I want it for my screensaver.

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