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Rare Encounter With Spooky (But Adorable) “Ghost Bird” Caught On Camera

A potoo, also called ghost bird, perches on wood, mouth open.

Over the years, there seems to have been an increase in bird watching. If you’ve ever take the time to appreciate one of our feathered-friends, this probably doesn’t surprise you. With nearly 20,000 different kinds of birds in the world, there’s no shortage of fascinating fowl to appreciate. Naturally, there are some more rare to spot than others, including the potoo, who is also known as the ghost bird.

Part of their nickname originates from their odd appearance. Their bill opens from ear to ear, and their lidless eyes are especially large. Plus, these nocturnal birds are known to have peculiar calls. It’s no wonder, then, that when folks manage to come across this bird, they take the time to capture the moment on camera.

@pubity The NOISES it makes 🔊😭 #Pubity ♬ original sound – Pubity

The encounter in the video above is particularly rare, not only because there’s a ghost bird, but because they’re being spotted during the day. Although they’re still a bit spooky in the daylight, getting a better view of them actually highlights the fact that they’re pretty darn cute, too!

The Potoo “Ghost Bird” Captures Hearts By Being Both Cute and Scary

“It looks like a mythical creature,” someone writes in the comments. “SO PRETTY.”

Although the potoo isn’t an endangered species, they are on a decline because of deforestation and habitat loss. Luckily, this viral video is raising awareness of this fact. Because, a bit spooky or not, feathered creatures like this are important!

“Forty-eight years old and just now finding out what a ghost bird is… ” another shares, “and now I want one.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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