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Family Trains Pet Rats To Drive Tiny Cars & The Results Are As Amazing As They Are Adorable

Left image shows pet rats Kuzco and Kronk. Right image shows the custom cars the rats are learning to drive.

Rats are intelligent little critters. Scientists are studying their adaptability to new circumstances. Rats can “learn” how to navigate mazes, solve problems to get food, and free their mates from cages. People who keep them as pets often train them to do incredible things, too. The family that rescued Kuzco and Kronk has been very active in keeping their little charges active. Their latest endeavor has been teaching the rats to drive cars.

You did read that right. Kuzko and Kronk have little cars and are learning to maneuver them like little NASCAR drivers. The owner’s father built the cars with simple controls for the rats. The family had seen a research study from the University of Richmond that discovered that rats living in enriched environments have a lower stress level. The university used tiny cars in the study. The family recreated the experience for Kuzco and Kronk.

The controls for the cars include three pedals. The right pedal turns right, the left pedal turns left, and the middle pedal goes forward. Using a system of rewards, the rats quickly learned to drive the cars to get treats. The family helps the little guys practice daily, and they are becoming tiny little speed demons.

Rescued rat Kronk learning to drive his custom car.
Image from Instagram.

You might recognize the names of these driver trainees from The Emperor’s New Groove. Follow their antics on their Instagram channel, emperorsofmischief. There are quite a few videos from previous exploits on the channel. The family promises to add updates as the rats learn to drive their cars.

If you enjoyed reading about rats learning to drive cars, please share this with a friend. Please consider adopting a rescue animal. Rescuing critters enriches their lives and brings joy to humans.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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