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Melissa Joan Hart Shares Precious Pics Of Son & Girlfriend Sabrina Before Prom

Melissa Joan Hart's son, Mason, smiles as he poses with his prom date, Sabrina, outside.

Countless people, especially Millennials, grew up right alongside Melissa Joan Hart. From shows like Clarissa Explains It All to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, this beloved actor rose to stardom with the help of some pretty iconic roles. That’s why it can be oh-so shocking for fans to be reminded of just how much time has passed since those shows aired. At 48 years old, Hart and her husband, Mark Wilkerson, have three sons of their own. In fact, their 17-year-old, Mason, recently went to prom!

Naturally, Hart took on the role of photographer in celebration of the big day. Just before Mason left for prom, the actor captured some adorable photos of Mason and his group of friends. Hart was kind enough to share some of these sweet photos online for her fans to enjoy. While each photo is fantastic, there is one person in particular who fans can’t stop talking about: Mason’s date. The reason why? Her name is Sabrina!

“Prom 2024 is in the books!” Hart writes in the caption of her Instagram post. “Mason and his beautiful girlfriend Sabrina (yes that’s her name) had a lovely night celebrating the end of an era!”

Melissa Joan Hart Shares Adorable Prom Photos of Son and His Date, Sabrina!

Considering that Sabrina is the name of Hart’s character in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, fans were quick to discuss this incredible coincidence. After all, what are the odds?

“What we need to know… Was she named after the show??” one fan writes, asking the question we’re all thinking.

“I thought the same thing,” someone replies. “Imagine naming your child after a show then growing up and [they end] up dating the person who played the character’s son. That’s like fate.”

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