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Dad Goes Into Photographer-Mode When Mom Tries On Wedding Dress For The First Time In 32 Years

A dad taking pictures in the living room with his phone.

When this mom tried on her wedding dress for the first time in 32 years, her husband’s reaction was way too sweet. Even after all this time, it took his breath away to see his wife put on the gown he married her in! He started snapping photos, half-kneeling on the ground to capture her beauty from the perfect angle. Once he finished taking pictures, he simply sat back and admired the love of his life!

This couple’s daughter caught the most adorable video of her mom trying on her wedding dress again for the first time in three decades. It has around 3 million views! Not only did the TikToker get footage of her dad’s reaction, but she also captured her mother’s expression during the photo shoot. Although she seemed a little camera shy, you can still tell that her spouse’s rapt attention meant the world to her.

Many commenters were touched to see this dad’s reaction to Mom trying on her wedding dress for the first time in years. Some were also a little envious of these parents’ beautiful romance!

“When he sits back, you can tell he’s remembering,” one user wrote.

“The way that your dad is practically down on one knee (again),” said another.

A dad taking pictures in the living room with his phone.
Screengrab from TikTok

A third added, “To be looked at like that even 32 years later is so beautiful I yearn so badly to experience something as pure as this.”

It looks like Mom and Dad are always this wholesome!

This TikToker has shared other adorable videos about her parents and how in love they are. In another clip, she captured her mom and dad involved in a staring contest. However, these two apparently call them “love contests.” How cute is that?


they call staring contests love contests 🥹🥹🥹the love my parents have >>>> #fyp

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We love to see couples who are still obsessed with each other after decades of marriage. This mom and dad are restoring our faith in true love!

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