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Runner Shares The Silliest Signs That Kept Her Going During The London Marathon

A two-photo collage. The first shows someone holding up a sign that reads: Press here to power up up up!!! There's a giant red "button" to push. The second image shows someone holding a sign that reads: Where is everyone going?

Lots of people dream of participating in a marathon, but actually following through is no easy feat. In order to complete the 26.2-mile journey ahead, it’s important that folks take the time to train themselves. That way, when the big day comes around, they’re physically ready to take on the exciting challenge ahead. That being said, the physical challenge is only half the battle. Luckily, the spectators at the London Marathon were ready with delightful signs to help with the mental challenge.

Emily Bevan, a participant during the latest London Marathon, can attest. According to her TikTok page, she’s been training to join her first marathon for a while. Although being physically prepared is important, so is being mentally prepared. In order to help runners stay in good spirits, spectators held up some of the most delightful signs, like the one below.

Someone holds up a sign that reads: Press here to power up up up!!! There's a giant red "button" to push.

Best of all, this was far from the only clever sign on display that day. Despite being a participant in the marathon, Emily was able to capture some of the best signs she saw that day. I can only imagine how much more they meant to her as a first-time runner!

Marathon spectator holds a sign that reads: Run like your ex is chasing you

In order to maintain the stamina needed to complete 26.2 miles, it’s important that runners stay motivated. Each person will have their own tactic, like listening to music or participating with friends. And that’s exactly why these clever signs are so valuable.

London Marathon Signs Motivate Determined Runners

Someone holds a sign that reads: Where is everyone going?

“My fave signs that kept me going,” Emily shares. “The crowds really were amazing.”

The signs aren’t just funny — they’re also motivational. They serve as sweet reminders to participants that they aren’t alone, and that they have what it takes to get to the finish line!

Someone holds a sign that reads: I don't know you but believe in you

How cool is it that even if you can’t or don’t want to run in a marathon, you can still play a part in one? Because, although it’s oh-so rewarding to complete one yourself, showing support is also meaningful and appreciated. Considering Emily ran in aid of Dementia Concern, I imagine this is especially true!

Someone holds a sign that reads: You think [you're] tired. My [arms] are killing me!!!

“I never ran a marathon, but this made me cry,” someone shares in the comments of Emily’s post.

“I had ZERO clue that people did this with the signs!!!” one person admits. “How wonderful humans can be.”

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