Teacher Sees Child In Dress From 1950s, Then Learns About Her Sweet Family Tradition.

Every family has its own significant traditions. For some, it’s a certain way in which birthdays are celebrated. For many, it’s all about holidays! But one family’s most special tradition is only recognized by the girls on the first day of kindergarten.

This year, 4-year-old Caroline Hirt started school and finally had her chance to participate in the tradition.


For her first day, Caroline wore a 67-year-old dress crafted by her great-grandmother in 1950 for her aunt’s first day of school. Caroline’s mother, Jenny, also wore the dress.

In fact, by the time her first day of school rolled around, wearing the dress had become a tradition. Jenny was the 5th wearer. Caroline is the 18th and, this week, Caroline’s cousin Sylvie became the 19th girl in their family to do the same!


The dress has now been worn to first-days-of-school in 7 different states over the span of 3 generations. Amazingly, it’s in near-perfect condition!

Jenny explains that the girls are sent to school with a change of clothes and a note to the teacher instructing him or her to please have the wearer of the dress change before any messy activities.


But the dress is much more than a convenient excuse to skip back-to-school shopping.

“Handing things down has always been a part of our family,” said Jenny. “It is a way to carry on the memories of family members, try to instill pride of tradition in our kids, and bind us together as a family.”


But how do the kids feel about the garment?

“She wasn’t terribly thrilled to wear the dress,” said Jenny of Caroline. “[But] after seeing the photos, especially the one of me, Caroline thought it was pretty cool… My niece Sylvie had a little bit of ice cream bribery involved.”


Family tradition with a side of ice cream– not a bad way to start the school year!

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