Family Sprints To Greet Deployed Army Dad, Then Mom Notices Son Is Missing.

Being deployed is hard on both the brave men and women who enlist and the families they leave behind. That’s never been more evident than with this adorable video from Dublin, Ireland.

When Captain Ian Gavagan got off the plane after a six-month deployment in Israel, he was probably pretty excited to see his wife and two kids, who were at the airbase in Dublin to welcome him home. Ian had been in the Golan Heights on a peacekeeping mission.


As soon as Ian’s daughter and his wife Maria see him, they sprinted towards him.

Their joyful embrace shows just how much they both missed him during his time away.


But someone’s missing… when Mom realizes, she looks over at her son and points at little Sean, letting out a laugh.


It isn’t until the camera pans over to the little boy that we realize what’s so funny.


Overcome with emotion, Sean is hunched over himself in tears. He’s just so happy that Dad is home he can’t move!

Watch the video below to watch Sean’s reaction to his dad’s long-awaited return. It’s truly too cute to handle. Don’t forget to share this adorable moment to spread some love.

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