Firefighters rescue boy stuck between two walls, the moment he’s freed is pure relief.

A six-year-old boy in central China is now breathing easy after firefighters pulled him from a tiny space between two walls.


The youngster managed to squeeze himself in between a brick building and water tower… and had zero luck wriggling back out. He soon became panicked -who wouldn’t be- and began to cry as his mother reassured him that help was on the way.

“Don’t move, don’t cry, we will get you out soon.”

Easier said than done.


When his family tried to remove him, it only caused the 6-year-old to scream out in pain, so they called the authorities. After firefighters finally arrived, they spent over an hour drilling through the solid brick near the boy’s body in an attempt to free him.

When the little tyke was finally released, they took him to a local hospital from which he was discharged the same day.

Check out the heroic rescue in the video below! Share to encourage other curious youngsters to “be careful!”

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