Beloved Coach Tees Up Special Ball, But Players Go Crazy When It Shatters!

It seems couples are getting more and more creative with the recent trend of gender reveal parties. We’ve seen some couples reveal their babies’ sexes with pink or blue colored cake; remember the dad of 4 girls who flipped out when he found out he’d be having a boy? How about the mom of 2 boys who collapsed to the ground when her cake revealed she was finally having a girl? Now, a college baseball coaching is getting in on the fun, but with a unique reveal we’ve never seen before!


Mike Brown is the camp’s coordinator and volunteer assistant coach for Mississippi State Baseball. When he and his wife, Sarah, found out they were pregnant with their second child, head coach Andy Cannizaro suggested that he include the team in the gender reveal fun. So they came up with a plan to put together “a gender reveal with a baseball spin!”

They filled a baseball with colored powder so that when Mike took a swing, the field erupted in color, pink for a girl, blue for a boy. Before Mike took the big swing, players picked sides guessing what they though the sex would be. When Mike finally struck a home run, everyone– regardless of what side they’d picked– loses it!

Check out the creative reveal below and share!

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