Cop Tackles Him To The Ground, But 2 Weeks Later He Thanks Officer For Saving His Life.

This past January, a police officer named Jarod Ewers arrested Andrew Michalak, a man he thought was a dangerous criminal. Today, the two are the best of friends.


How did this bizarre friendship come about? It all started the night Andrew drove into a parked car. When Officer Jarod Ewers arrived at the scene, Andrew was acting erratic and speaking incoherently. Jarod feared that Andrew was on drugs, and when Andrew reached under his seat for an ice scraper, Jarod tackled him to the ground, thinking he might have had a gun or another deadly weapon. He slapped handcuffs on him and loaded him into his patrol car.

Meanwhile, Andrew had completely blacked out. He had no memory of hitting the parked car or of being tackled. The first thing he remembers from the incident is suddenly finding himself on the ground, handcuffs. Once he got into the patrol car, he began to explain to Jarod that he wasn’t on drugs at all, but had suffered a seizure.


“He went from being so out of it to being perfectly normal,” Jarod recalled. Andrew convinced him to call his boss who confirmed that Andrew had recently begun having seizures.

Jarod had been trained to detect physical injury, and he quickly decided that Andrew didn’t need jail time, he needed medical attention. Jarod drove Andrew to a hospital and advised him to see a doctor as quickly as possible.

Two weeks later, Jarod received a thank you note from Andrew.


In the note, Andrew explained that he had seen a doctor and had been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. The cancer had spread to his brain, resulting in the recent seizures.


If it weren’t for the compassionate cop who told him to see a doctor, there’s no way Andrew would have detected the cancer until it was too late. Now, he is on the road to recovery.


Not only did Jarod’s arrest save Andrew’s life, it sparked a dear friendship. Now Andrew and Jarod are good friends, and Jarod says Andrew’s unrelenting faith since his diagnosis has inspired him. In fact, Jarod says that Andrew saved his life!

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