Guy Recounts Worst First Date Of His Life, Hilarious Tale Has A Surprise Twist Even He Didn’t See Coming.

In the video below, 22-year-old Brady Clayton tells the story of the worst first date of his life. It’s a truly bad date but, despite the repeated failures, it turned out to actually be the most important and– surprisingly– start of the greatest days of his life. The date was with his now-fiance, Quinn. On their 1-year anniversary, Brady made the video below to tell the whole, hilarious story.


First, Brady explains how he and Quinn met at age 12, but they never had a single conversation (Quinn “terrified and intimidated” Brady as a kid). Fast forward 8 years, and Brady and Quinn reunite. Soon after, Brady made the bold move to ask Quinn on a date to see singer Lana Del Ray in concert. That’s when things get crazy.

From an awful opening act who cusses out the audience, to accidentally getting second-hand high, to some terrible news… It is safe to say their first date was a catastrophe. But Brady weaves his story telling with clips from movies like Pride and Prejudice and Napoleon Dynamite and YouTube videos into quite a hilarious tale!

Yet, despite the craziness of their first date, Brady and Quinn ended up together. In fact, this video was used in their proposal and the two are getting married in just a few days!

“She is the most wonderful woman I have ever met” says Brady of his soon-to-be Bride. 

You will want to watch the video until the very end to see the touching messages from Quinn’s friends and family members. It’s definitely the perfect mix of hilarious encounters and heartwarming true love.

Check it out below.

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