Recording Of National Anthem Malfunctions, But Then Volleyball Player Steps Up From Sideline And Amazes Audience.

volleball game standing towards flag

We’ve shared some amazing, inspiring stories with you before about the National Anthem. Like this performance by a man with autism at Fenway Park, or this rendition by an amazing 6-year-old, or this heartwarming story about an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor. But– while all of those performances are truly beautiful– the story behind this one is a little different; this time, the singer had no idea she’d be singing the Anthem at all!


High school senior Marina Garcia was at a volleyball game in San Antonio, Teas. She thought she was there to play– along with the rest of her team, the Holmes Huskies. But, when a recording of the National Anthem malfunctioned, she knew she had to step up.

“I noticed they tried working the CD. My mom was in the stands, she was like, ‘Marina sing!'” Marina told WFAA.

So Marina took the mic, and blew everyone away with an incredible, unforgettable performance. Another coach recorded her song, and the video has since gone viral!

Marina’s school district shared the video to Facebook saying “No music, no prep time, no problem! When a recording of the National Anthem didn’t work at the Holmes HS volleyball game, one of the players stepped up and delivered an amazing rendition to the delight of her teammates and the audiences.”

What does Marina think of all the attention? She says it’s given her hope. Marina has been singing for as long as she can remember, and tried to “put herself out there,” but was discouraged. Now, she feels she has a shot at pursuing a professional music career!

Check out the awesome moment below and share her musical triumph!

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