Stranger Takes Homeless Man’s Sign & Rips It Up, Then Reveals Magical Surprise.

In the video below, a man named Rob Anderson approaches a homeless man. He noticed the homeless man is holding a sign reading “Homeless. Trying to get by. Anything helps. God bless.”First, Rob seems to almost mock the sign, saying “Anything helps?”and drawing all over the sign. Then, he stuns the homeless man by ripping the sign to shreds! All the while, the man is patient and kind… although he’s clearly confused!


Before you get too upset at this Rob character, know that it’s all part of an act. Rob is a magician! As it turns out, Rob loves using his magic skills to bless people, and he’d heard about the homeless man and chosen him as his next “victim.â€

The homeless man is actually a veteran Rob had heard about. Rob had been told that the homeless veteran just wanted to make people smile, even if they didn’t give him any money. Sounds like a deserving guy, right?

Rob decided to put him to the test to see if he really is as kind as people said… and it turns out, he definitely is! That’s why Rob turns the man’s shredded sign into something magical!

What a great use of Rob’s brilliant skill.

Check out the magical surprise below and share!

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