Collision Prevents Newlyweds From Making Reception, Leave Car To Share Magical Moment On Highway.

We’ve shared with you before how a good attitude can make a big difference in marriage. We told you about Alicia, a woman who turned her marriage around by making a daily habit out of standing on a chair. Then there was Richard, a man on the brink of divorce who started asking his wife one question every day so he could save their marriage.


If Alicia and Richard are right– and attitude really is a key factor in determining the health of a marriage– then it looks like Jeff and Rebecca, the newlyweds in the video below, are in for a beautiful future!

Jeff and Rebecca had just gotten married in Beavercreek, Ohio and were on the way to their reception in downtown Dayton when disaster struck. A 5-vehicle accident on the road ahead of them rendered the highway completely shut down. No one was getting past the accident. Jeff and Rebecca’s reception was beginning, and they were trapped in a stand-still traffic jam!

Luckily, no one was seriously injured in the accident and there were no fatalities. Even so, it took nearly 2 hours for the roads to be cleared up.

After sitting in their car for some time, the bride and groom decided to make the most of the moment. They stepped out of their car, and there– in the middle of the highway– the pair had their first dance.

Strangers in nearby cars stepped out onto the street to take photos and videos, sharing them on social media with the hilarious hashtag #RescueThePaynes.

Luckily for Jeff and Rebecca, their videographer was there to capture the moment in the video below. Talk about turning lemons to lemonade!

Check out the beautiful first dance below.

Share this heartwarming moment– and example of incredibly positive attitudes– today!

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