Puppy Trapped In Icy Canal Shows Pure Joy After Romanian Fishermen Come To His Rescue.

The scene is both dramatic and heart-wrenching: A young Husky-mix cries pitifully as he tries again and again to climb out of a steep, concrete canal flowing with icy-cold water.


Even if the wall weren’t draped with patches of  moss, it pitches down at an almost 90-degree angle, making the dog’s attempts to save his own life all but futile.


Fortunately, two men happened to be fishing at the Somesul Mic River in northern Romania that day, and rushed in to help after hearing the dog’s desperate cries for help.

After getting the dog onto a low concrete wall, one bare-footed rescuer hauls him back down into the water …


… and floats him toward the other bank, where the second fisherman grabs hold of him and sets him on (thankfully) dry ground.


By the time the Husky mix is back on solid ground, he’s nearly spinning with joy and eternal appreciation.

What an incredible example of an animal’s capacity to show gratitude!


When one of the rescuers walks up a dirt path toward the dog, he runs up with his tail thumping out a hearty “Thank you!”then crouches down on all fours as if in worship.

Moments later, the dog darts off again, only to come back and gratefully jump up on the man who’s filming the whole thing. If that’s not a dog’s way of expressing gratitude, I don’t know what is.

Watch the video below to see the whole saga unfold, and share to spread smiles!

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