Dad Puts Tiny Furball In Daughter’s Lap — Catches Adorable Freakout On Camera.

puppy surprise

Every parent wants to give their child everything they could ever want… but you’ve also got to balance that with not spoiling your little ones.

By the looks of it, these two girls were told ‘no’ many times when they asked their parents if they could get a pet. So when Mom and Dad told them to close their eyes tight for a surprise, we’re sure they had no idea what was about to be placed in their little laps.


Told to close their eyes tight, the girls oblige… to the point that one keeps hers shut long after the big reveal!


When Dad puts an adorable little fur ball in his daughter’s lap, her eyes open and grow to twice their size. The disbelief is real.

The girls ask if it’s someone else’s, but when their parents assure them that the dog is theirs, they lose it, turning into little blubbering messes. “Are you happy? Are you sad?” Mom asks, jokingly unsure.


One sister recounted that the day before her little sister said, “Wouldn’t it be a miracle if we got a dog tomorrow?”


The little girls adorably seesaw between squeals of joy and tearful excitement.

Watch the sweet puppy reveal below and share to spread some smiles!

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