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4-Yr-Old Who Needs Major Surgery Can’t Fly So Strangers Devised Epic Solution.

Some of the greatest moments in life come in the middle of our darkest days.

At just 19 weeks pregnant, Tanasha Alderson of Spokane, Washington was told her son had several heart deformities that were incompatible with life. But Noah is a fighter.


Not only did he survive his birth, but he has since endured nine major surgeries. The now 4-year-old is a cheerful and optimistic child who just so happens to have health problems. With a family that loves and supports him, he is able to lead a relatively normal life.


But Noah’s battles aren’t over. The Aldersons recently learned Noah needed another surgery, this time across the country at Boston Children’s Hospital. With Noah’s oxygen requirements, commercial flights are out of the question, and Tanasha couldn’t arrange a medical flight because of the exorbitant cost and lack of insurance coverage. “I was at the point where I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get him there,” Tanasha said.

That’s when a miracle occurred. Tanasha’s sister wrote to a local news reporter, who did a story on Noah. Within a day, a viewer contacted Outdoorsy, a company that rents RVs, asking them to intervene on the family’s behalf.

And the company did! Soon representatives reached out to Noah’s family with an incredible offer: The Aldersons could borrow a deluxe camper to drive from Washington state to Boston, Massachusetts — free of charge. The RV would even have a second generator to support Noah’s medical equipment in case of a power failure.


The struggling family couldn’t believe their luck. “My heart was overwhelmed,” Tanasha said. “This was our last resort.”

With Outdoorsy covering the RV, gas, and lodging for their stay in Boston, the Aldersons were able to make the most of their cross-country journey. They made sure to visit plenty of scenic landmarks, giving every member of the family a road trip of a lifetime!


Over the course of 13 days, they stopped in Chicago, Illinois to watch the Chicago Cubs’ batting practice, posed in front of Mount Rushmore, took a VIP tour of the Columbus Zoo, paid a visit to the Statue of Liberty, and gawked at the majesty of Niagara Falls.

“It was an amazing adventure our kids never could have had,” Tanasha said. “We could not afford this. And for my older kids, who have spent countless days in hospitals, it was the best experience.”


“It didn’t feel like a medical trip, it felt like a family bonding trip,” Tanasha added. With Noah’s risky upcoming surgery and uncertain future, the family is eager to spend as much time together as possible.

The brave mom remains hopeful. After all, “He wasn’t supposed to live at all and he’s made it this far.”


All it took was getting the right people involved to set about this beautiful chain of events. Outdoorsy gave this amazing family more than just a comfortable way to get from one place to another — they gave them memories they will cherish no matter what happens in the future.

Watch the video below to see Tanasha’s positive update on how Noah is doing in Boston. If you want to help with Noah’s ongoing medical costs, you can also check out the family’s GoFundMe campaign. Share this story to send healing wishes to Noah and his family!

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