“I’m Ready For Him To Come Home,” Navy Wife Shares The Sacrifices Of Deployment.

miltary family photo in camo

A proud Navy family showed their strength and family unity in an inspiring photo that went viral on this past weekend. The young Hall family took the picture back March but shared it last Friday, to honor the sacrifices theirs and thousands of others make for their country. They never imagined the photo would get shared by over 13,000 people!


Both the husband and wife have been sailors in the United States Navy for five years. Currently, the family is based in America’s most known naval base – Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. In the beautiful photo, the family is dressed in their blue camouflage uniforms. Husband and father Lamarr Hall, is planking with his wife, LeShaina lying on his back while holding up their adorable one-year-old baby daughter Mia. They took the picture before Lamarr was leaving for his third deployment.

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“I like to take a lot of photos and make things with the photos for keepsakes when he and I deploy,” LeShaina Hall said.

LeShaina says the family photo highlights their strength through all difficulties.

“We go through a lot of things, with being apart, but it shows how strong we are as a unit,” she said. “Even when we’re together or when we’re apart; it doesn’t change no matter what.”

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LeShaina remains hopeful because of their deep bond even though they are worlds apart.

“When you understand what the other person is going through, when you know what it’s like to be gone, you just want someone to be there waiting for you. It’s so much better,” she said.

Lamarr has been gone since May and is currently serving underwater but his loving wife said, if she could tell him anything, it would be, “I love him and I miss him. I’m ready for him to come home.”

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