When He Sees Mom Making A Mess, Baby Bursts Into Over-The-Top Contagious Laughter!

One of the best sounds in the world is that of a young baby giggling. The laughter becomes so contagious that you instantly want to join in and find out what is so funny.


Most times the thing that is so hilarious to that baby is something pretty silly, like a game of peek-a-boo or a puppy licking their feet. A mom named Briana Kortbein found  that out one night at home, when her 7-month old son Lachlan decided she was the most entertaining person on Earth!

In a video she posted on YouTube, Briana leans over in front of Lachlan and starts shaking his toys all over the carpet. Lachlan is sitting and watching her, but when she finishes the shaking he instantly bursts out into a super deep baby giggle.


Again and again, Mom repeats the shaking, and each time her little guy laughs uncontrollably– at times his laughing is so hard, he almost topples over! His little giggle fit is adorable to watch. He is totally in love with his mom!

Often parents become distracted by the mess and the noise and forget that their children just need these simple moments of play time and silliness to fill them with love. Lachlan’s giggles are a good reminder to keep life simple and focused on the little ones that look up to us with so much adoration.

Watch this hilarious video below and make sure to share with your friends for a good laugh!

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