Cashier Takes Struggling Woman’s Baby Behind Counter, Melts Her Heart With Adorable Interaction.

A busy cashier with a soft spot for a screaming baby put a little sunshine in a harried mother’s day recently, when he saw her struggling at a Scotland supermarket and decided to make her experience a bit more pleasant.

Lauren Walker was shopping with her mother and a very fussy Alistair Findlay when a Marks and Spencer employee, Mubarak Ahmad, stepped in and chatted up the little guy so his mother could finish up her shopping.


Though he was eventually pulled away to tend to other duties, the cashier and baby were reunited at the check-out line.

“When we reached the checkout, my son was thrilled to see his new friend by screaming “hiya hiya”to him!”she wrote in a Facebook post.

“Mubarak spoke away to Alistair and then took him behind the till to ‘let him help.’ Alistair smiled and squealed the full way through it because he was having so much fun!â€


Lauren took a short video of the two working together behind the till, with Alistair nestled in the crook of Mubarak’s arm. Alistair carefully — and quietly — supervised as the helpful cashier took items out of the shopping cart and slid them across the scanner.

“Alistair was so happy with him and was totally fixated on what was happening,” Lauren said.

So thrilled was she at this pleasant yet unexpected experience that Lauren never asked for the employee’s name. But word soon spread, and when Mubarak was contacted, he said, “Chatting to customers and helping make a difference where I can is the bit of my job I enjoy the most.â€

Well done, sir. Well done.



Watch this heartwarming act of kindness in the video below, and share!

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