Man picks up 4 drumsticks at campsite. But pay attention to his hands… AMAZING!

Learning to play an instrument is a lot of fun, and getting to expert levels is downright intoxicating. But this guy takes that notion to sky-high proportions.


While at a campsite, a man in a black shirt and khaki pants walked up to an acoustic drum. He proceeded to pick up not two, but four drumsticks and casually takes position. But boy, you weren’t expecting this.

From the instant the wood touches the drum head, he’s going at speeds that I can’t even fully follow. He’s doing flips and tricks all while keeping the beat on point. Then, two of the sticks go away.

But clearly it’s not the quantity that counts. With two sticks, he creates an even more spectacular sound and pulls off a greater show that I never could’ve expected. You can can hear the awe and amazement in the voices behind the camera.

It gets to the point of sounding like pouring rain because the speeds are so high. He could run his own entertainment show, because it’s impossible not to be mesmerized by his performance.

Watch his awesome talent in the video below and share today!

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