Man Jumped Into Dangerous Zoo Exhibit To Save Drowning Animal, The Harrowing Moment Will Make Your Day.

drowning zoo animal man saves

17 years ago, a harrowing situation unfolded inside the Chimpanzee enclosure at the Detroit Zoo. A 135 pound Chimp named Jo-Jo fell into the moat surrounding his exhibit. Dozens of spectators stood by as the helpless primate began to drown in the water.


Truck driver Rick Swope was among the horrified zoo goers that day. There were even several zoo employees nearby watching on, but they all knew how dangerous it would be to enter the exhibit, and stayed where they were. Instead of standing idly by, Swope was moved to action as it became clear the 18-year-old primate couldn’t save himself.

In a selfless, and slightly foolhardy, moment of courage, Swope jumped into the enclosure and grabbed Jo-Jo, keeping his head above water as he attempted to move him to the edge of the embankment. In the tense moments that followed, Swope struggled to move the Chimp to safety. While zoo goers tried to convince employees to help him, Swope managed to get the Chimpanzee to safety all by himself.

Visitors cheered as Swope grabbed the primate and set him on the slippery sides of the moat. Once Jo-Jo came to his senses, the heroic trucker swam back across the water to safety.

Check out the incredible moment in the video below.

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