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disney surprise

Kids Have Epic Meltdowns When They Learn They’re Going To Disney Not Grandma’s.

For any parent raising a kid obsessed with Disney (*raises hand*), there is a sweet spot for when to take them to Disneyland/Disney World. There’s a small window of time where the kiddos are old enough to walk around the park, but still young enough to believe they’re actually meeting a princess or Mickey Mouse.

A couple of parents were sure they’d managed to find that sweet spot for their kids and were so excited to surprise them with the news that they weren’t actually headed to grandma’s house — but to see Cinderella’s castle in person! However, they never expected the reaction they got.


In a now viral video, a mom breaks the news to her kids that they’re not going to grandma’s house as planned. The kids are shocked by this news, but still seem to be a bit curious. Mom tells them, “But, we’re going to go somewhere more fun,” and then asks, “Where you do you think we’re gonna go?”

The “more fun” part seems to be lost on the kids because they both meltdown as soon as they hear the news. The little boy is crying as he pleads, “But mama, I really want to go to grandma’s house!”


Eventually, the little girl starts guessing where they could be going instead of grandmas — maybe the waterpark? Nope… “somewhere where Mickey Mouse lives” and the daughter (who is now jumping on the bed) says, “DISNEY!”

Are the tides turning in Mom’s favor?

Unfortunately, the kids then learn that they have to wait until tomorrow to go to Disney… and that they still aren’t going to grandma’s house in the meantime. So, rationally, they cry harder and ask their mom, “WHY DID YOU LIE?!”


The hilarious video has been viewed more than 11 million times and has thousands of shares and likes. Not to mention, grandmas everywhere love it because yes, their homes are more fun than Disney! Many others agree, too, sharing their own memories of playing at their grandparents’ homes:

My Grandma’s house was infinitely better than Disney! She cooked all my favorite foods, taught me to use her sewing machine and I could lay on her bed and look through all the JC Penney catalogs! I miss her every day.

Sorry, Mickey, you’re just going to have to accept that even you and your magic are no match for a grandma’s love!

Watch the kids’ hilariously adorable reactions below and then share with anyone who could use a chuckle.


Happiest place on Earth you ask? Grandma's House!

Posted by Life of Mom on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

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