9-Yr-Old Saw Baby Brother Falling Off Changing Table, His Split-Second Reaction Turned Him Into A Hero.

boy catching baby brother

Tila Levia was changing her 11-month-old son when she turned her back for a split second. That decision nearly ended in disaster. Levia’s 9-year-old son Joseph was standing nearby when his mother turned her back, when he felt ‘something’ nudge him toward the changing table.


“I felt like something came and pushed me forward,”Joseph told InsideEdition.“And when that happened, I ran and caught him.”His mother said she believed it was a “miracle”that Joseph managed to catch his brother so quickly. “I messed up and did something wrong, but I must have done something right to have been deserving of this little guy,”she added.

Watching the footage, it’s clear to see why Levia counts the moment a miracle. Little Joseph sprang toward the changing table with incredible agility and caught his little brother inches before his head hit the floor.

Levia is a mother of five and was trying to get her children ready for bed when the harrowing moment occurred. It’s simply amazing that a 9 year old was able to catch the 30lb baby before the little one was seriously hurt.

While Levia’s first reaction was to blame herself, she’s more than thankful for her son’s shining moment. That’s what siblings are for.

Check it out on the video below.

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