Man With Terminal Cancer Determined To Keep Promise To Fiancée, So Hospital Helps Plan Beautiful Surprise.

Remember the time the staff of a children’s hospital pulled together a sweet faux-wedding for a little girl with leukemia when they found out she was “in love” with her nurse? How about the time a bride canceled her lavish wedding and held the entire ceremony in a hospital room to be with her ailing father? Now, we’re once again sharing a story of a hospital wedding, but this time the entire affair was planned because of the dying wish of a sick groom.


33-year-old Raul Hinojosa– better known among friends as “Tiny”– proposed to girlfriend Yvonne Lamas several years ago in 2006. The couple decided to wait on their wedding, saving up money for a more grand party. “He was determined to give me the best fairytale wedding,” Yvonne said of Tiny. But 4 years ago, their plans went on hold when Tiny was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

In October, Tiny’s conditioned worsened and he was admitted into critical care. When the hospital’s chaplain asked what his dying wish was, Tiny said he had a promise to fulfill to Yvonne… he wanted to marry her.

Everyone quickly sprang into action, pulling together everything for the wedding. Yvonne acquired a marriage license, thanks to a kind judge who waived the typical 72-hour wait period; cooks from the hospital’s cafeteria baked a wedding cake; relatives found a dress for Yvonne; even the director of the hospital gave his suit to Tiny for him to wear during the ceremony.

Once everything was ready, Yvonne’s father walked her down the makeshift “aisle” to her dying groom.


“When I walked down the aisle and saw him in the suit, he just took my breath away,” recalls Yvonne. “He was so handsome. It was priceless.”

The two were married in a heartwarming ceremony, recorded in the video below. Just 36 hours later, Tiny’s suffering ended and he passed away.


When Yvonne signed Tiny’s death certificate, it was her first time signing with her new last name. But she took comfort in the memory of the special day he created just for her.

Watch their beautiful wedding below and share their love today.

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