Complete Strangers Meet At Hospital Piano, Sing Breathtaking “What The World Needs Now” Cover.

What the world needs now is more people like Pastor Mark Willhoite and Vera Swain. The two strangers met unexpectedly at Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital in Baytown, Texas and decided to give a dynamic improv performance. Their beautiful hearts and singing has gone viral with a Facebook video that haStrangers Meet At Hospital Piano, Sing Breathtaking “What The World Needs Now” Cover.s been viewed almost six million times!


Pastor Mark and his wife Sherry were visiting the hospital and came across a piano in the lobby. So they did what they do best. “We visit hospitals and nursing homes and minister to patients and visitors through song,” said Pastor Mark. The couple started singing together at the piano and then Vera Swain appeared looking for a restroom.

“Vera was looking for a restroom and found me and my wife singing at the piano and sat down to join me,” said Willhoite.

What happened next was a beautiful rendition of “What The World Needs Now”. The two sang the lyrics back and forth.

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“As soon as I heard Vera sing, I told my wife that we have got to capture this and put this online,” Pastor Mark said. “This was an unrehearsed event, but it seems like we’ve been singing together for a lifetime.”

The unexpected strangers have become great friends and plan to go to Atlanta in September to record their version of “What The World Needs Is Love”.

“Vera has become our best friend. She is an amazing person,” said Pastor Mark. “For 30 years, Vera has taken care of dialysis patients, where she would sing and comfort them,” he added. “These lyrics are going to change this nation.”

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