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“Tough” Mechanics Rescue Woman’s Pet Hamster From Car’s Wheel Well.

Rats, squirrels, and other small critters take refuge in the strangest places, although they do seem to have a preference for little nooks and crannies. The more inconvenient, the better.

Sometimes it seems they have a particular preference for little inconvenient nooks and crannies in anything mechanical, where all it takes is one little nibble to mess everything up. When a woman in western England heard little scratching sounds coming from inside her car earlier this month, she knew it was a job for the professionals and took her car to an auto body shop in Sunderland, U.K. Whatever was in there needed to go.

hamster in car

Using screwdrivers and other tools, the men immediately get to work, prying the wheel well apart. Suddenly, they come face to face with a set of twitching nostrils and whiskers!

Whatever it is, he can’t fit through the tiny slit they’ve opened, so they try to widen the hole, all the while cooing at the little guy and talking about how dang cute he is. When you’re causing everybody a lot of problems, it definitely helps to be cute.

hamster in wheel well

This forcible eviction goes on for several long minutes, but the hole’s finally wide enough for the mechanics to get a good look-see. And as it turns out, this isn’t some random rat or baby squirrel. It’s a hamster!

Not only that… it’s the car owner’s pet, Mila. When the woman came back to see how things were going, she learned about her little escape artist.

hamster in car

How Mila managed to escape from the house is anyone’s guess, and Mom didn’t even realize he was missing. She reaches in there right away and grabs her fuzzy little truant without any protestations from the hamster. “Get out of there, you little bugger!”

mila the hamster

Watch the adorable extraction in the video below and share to thank these guys for having such big hearts and plenty of patience!

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