Grandpa Finally Gets To Hug His Grandkids After Ten Years Thanks To Nifty Gadget For Stroke Survivors.

A simple device gives a grandpa the ability to hug his grandchildren after a stroke.

Strokes affect people differently. One person may suffer a minor loss of physical movement, while another might have almost complete paralyzation on one or both sides of the body. The grandpa we meet today hasn’t been able to hug his grandkids with both arms for ten years. He suffered paralyzation and lost motor control of his left arm. While he maintained the use of his right arm, one-armed after-stroke hugs just aren’t the same as a fully encircled grandpa bear hug.

Stroke victim Kevin Eubanks, was able to hug his grandchildren for the first time in ten years with a HugAgain device.
Image from YouTube.

The simple device was called (appropriately) the Hugger, but it has been renamed the HugAgain. Stroke victims can use their good arm to assist a paralyzed limb, allowing them to perform two-armed hugs. The product was the result of the teamwork of students Larissa Garcia, Lisa James, Casey Parsons, and Erica Dexter. The group was enrolled at Arkansas State University as occupational therapy students. The project began as a challenge from Professor Emily Sisco. The task was to develop adaptive equipment for stroke victims, specifically Emily’s father, Kevin Eubanks.

The four inventors of the HugAgain, a device that helps people hug after a stroke.
Image from YouTube.

Students interviewed Kevin, asking questions about what he needed help with due to his physical limitations. The most profound answer he gave was that he missed being able to fully hug. What they came up with is a simple strap with a velcro closure on one end. The strap wraps around the paralyzed limb and fastens securely with velcro. The person then uses their good arm to grasp the other end of the device. By pulling snugly, the device allows them to manipulate the non-functioning limb.


Never taking hugs for granted again how beautiful 🥹😭 #humanitycontent #huggy

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Hugs Can Be Therapeutic For Stroke Victims

Hugs are an important part of human interaction. There are studies that prove hugging is healthy. Some of the benefits include reducing anxiety. lowering blood pressure, and balancing out stress hormones. Hugs make us live longer and increase health and performance. If you want to order a HugAgain adaptive device for someone in your family, you can check it out here. As always, if you enjoyed this story, please share it.

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