Wildlife Biologist’s Clever Invention Will Keep Animals From Drowning In Your Pool.

Having a personal pool can be expensive and a lot of work to keep up. But once summertime comes around, you’ll be so thankful for the ability to take a dip in the cool water while soaking up the sun.


A pool is an especially fun summer activity for children. They can splash around in the water with their friends and get all their energy out. As long as they respect pool-safety rules, kids can easily spend their summer swimming the days away.

But, for some creatures, the pool isn’t such a fun oasis.

It’s super easy for lizards, mice, frogs, chipmunks and more to fall or crawl into the pool where they often times become trapped and drown.


It’s a sad way for any animal to go, and no pool owner wants to find (or wants their children to find) a dead animal in the pool. Thankfully, a clever new invention from a wildlife biologist is changing the game for little critters everywhere.

After a friend told Rich Mason about all of the frogs that were dying in her pool, Rich got the idea to create a solution.


The prototype he created for his friend worked so well, Mason started selling them through his website, FrogLog.


FrogLog is an inflatable platform with a mesh skirt around it that floats in the water. This allows for animals who float by, looking for an escape, to easily grab onto the mesh and climb onto the platform safely.


From there, a ramp connects the platform to the outside of the pool, prroviding the animal with a safe crossing up and out of the water. The whole contraption stays in place by a weighted pouch that sits on the edge of the pool.


Every review on Amazon has only praise for the FrogLog. Many customers are sharing that their purchase has saved not only countless little animals but even bugs and birds as well.

Watch the video below of the FrogLog in action and share this genius invention today!

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