Mom Captures Toddler & Puppy’s Adorable Ritual Welcoming Daddy Home From Work.

It’s hard to tell who’s more excited…

Every day, Dad goes off to work and this little guy and his best buddy are left behind. It’s a travesty, really. Sure, they fill their hours with naps, playtime, and treats, but a day is never complete until daddy comes home.

When you see their welcome party, you might just get a little (read: a lot) jealous of how pops is greeted every single day.


They see his car coming down the street and it’s enough to set them both off. The little boy starts waving at his dad. That’s when the pup begins to pace around. The anticipation grows!


“He’s taking his sweet time!” the cutie seems to say.

But it really makes us — and Mom — fall in love when the dog starts pawing at the glass door. Clearly, his little brother learns everything from him, because he joins in and starts bouncing around as if to mimic the pup.

Watch the heartwarming footage below and share to spread some smiles today!

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