Homeless Author Had Nowhere To Turn, Shares Incredible Journey From Sleeping Rough To Becoming Husband & Father.

We have shared some amazing stories with you about individuals who turned their lives around in amazing ways. Remember the story of Khalil Rafati? He lost everything due to an addiction to heroin and ecstasy, but everything changed when he became addicted to helping others and started a $15 million company. How about Joshua Horton’s amazing recovery story? He went from alcoholic who abused drugs and had multiple criminal convictions to a magna cum laude law student.


Now we have another incredible story of a man who changed his life… the story of author Craig Stone.  Craig went from homeless– living in a park– to becoming a husband, father, published author. How did he do that? He told the story himself in a series of tweets below.

“I moved into a studio flat in Kilburn,” wrote Craig. “Out of the blue, my landlord put my rent up. I asked work for a small pay raise, you know, my first one in four years.” “They said no.” “I asked the council for help, they said talk to my landlord. My landlord said talk to the council.” Their answer left Craig with nowhere to turn. He had no money and no hope of resolving the issue. But he did have a dream.

Living as a homeless man in the park, Craig’s love of writing became more than a hobby, it became his escape.

With finished book in hand, Craig was ready to ask for help. Not so much for himself, but for his precious creation, a story called The Squirrel That Dreamt of Madness.

“The Amazon reviews appeared,” wrote Craig. “Lots of them. No literary agent would read it. What genre is it? What’s it about? They didn’t understand.” But there was one person who did understand. So she messaged Craig.

Neither one of them had any idea that the simple message would turn into something more…

He ends his story with an important lesson:

Let’s all keep Craig’s story in mind during the Holiday season of giving: “In another life it could just as easily be you, looking up at a warm home from the cold park… It’s OK to give people some of your time.”

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