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Jeff the cat: Provider of love, laughs, and teacher of empathy.

Jeff is one of those accidental cats. He just kind of appeared on our little farm and decided we were his home. He was tiny, adorable, and the kids found him first… and named him Jeffery Albert Batman, Jeff for short. He wasn’t going anywhere. Honestly, you can’t blame him. Warm barn, clean food and water, 3 kids to love on him, and a sap of a lady who instantly and intensely falls in love with any critter that lets her near it (it’s me, I’m the lady). He even made himself best friends with the family dog. My husband […]

That Joy You’re Searching for? It’s right in front of you.

Let me tell you something about HER. You know the one. The mom behind you in school drop off. Boss babe goals, mother of three who looks like Christie Brinkley in the flesh. Did she get a new car? I mean, of course she did. A Lexus – no big deal. Anndd my check engine light just came on. Awesome. OMG what is that smell? Is that milk??? Why can’t I be more like her? They say comparison is the thief of joy, but what exactly is joy? Because quite frankly I feel as if the lines have become quite […]

Good is Never That Far From You if You’re Willing to Look

Life is supposed to make sense, so it’s hard for me when it doesn’t. I mean, if you do what you’re supposed to do, things should just fall into place, right? Good things should happen to good people and hard work should be met with the reward it deserves. But that’s not always the way it works and the justice-seeker in me struggles with that. Sometimes it’s small things like snow on Halloween that ruins your plans, or a bad day at work, or a fender bender that sends your car back to the shop and demands money you didn’t […]

My Toddler Showed Me Everything I’ve Been Missing.

I think I’ve been missing it. Praying with a 3-year-old is hit or miss. Some nights she knocks it out of the park, other nights we’re praying for daddy not to get eaten by a whale. But tonight as we were praying, she stopped me mid-sentence and said, “Do you miss Him?” God, she meant. My 3-year-old wanted to know if I missed God. And the more I’ve thought about that question, the more I’ve decided she’s right. I do miss Him. I miss Him every single day, all around me. I miss Him in the laugh of my babies […]

To Those Who Live In The Gray Area Of Anxiety & Depression, You’re Not Alone.

Can I share a little truth about myself? I am not naturally a super-happy person. As far back as I can remember, my default setting has always been a bit serious & somber. As a kid, I was blessed to have the BEST parents & most loving home life a kid could ask for, yet I was also busy contemplating the world’s problems & how I might solve them. In Kindergarten, my mom found me barefoot one day because I gave my shoes away to a girl who said she needed them. My naturally bleeding heart has given me empathy, […]

You Can Be Grateful And Not Love Every Moment Of Motherhood.

To the mama hanging on by a thread. To the mama who feels like she takes one step forward and two steps back. To the mama fielding phone conference while feeding her baby. To the mama who forgot to thaw the chicken (again). Mac n Cheese it is. To the mama who’s wiped more noses, tended to boo boo’s and dirty diapers; whose cleaned up spilled milk and vacuumed crummies off the floor all before 6:30 am – I see you. I see you because I AM you. I know you are tired, mama. I know some days you feel […]

I Gambled And I Lost.

I never knew what butterflies were. I’m highly aware of most of my feelings. I know when resentment is layering unwanted, sword-edge bricks in my soul as high as the Eiffel Tower. I know when sadness keeps me under the covers and tuned out from the world. I know when fear paralyzes me and I have to use a year’s worth of therapy to talk myself out of my all-consuming anxiety. I know when love pours from me so effortlessly just to be given to another undeserving, yet beautiful soul. But there was always one feeling I never knew of. […]

We’re All In This Together, Mama – Let’s Stop The Judgment.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been judged. Raise your hand if you’ve ever judged someone else (out loud or even in your head). My hand is staying raised for both of those, sis believe me, I’m no saint. But it all begs the question – when did we get here? This place of seeing one another only at face value. When did it become OK to place someone under a microscope only to analyze and critique their every move? From the way they hold their baby, what bottles they use, the way they dress, where they work or don’t […]

Sometimes it Takes the Worst Things to Wake Us Up to the Best Things

There are years that strip you bare. This has been one of them. I think it was Glennon Doyle who said going through a crisis is like putting your life through a sifter. All the things you once thought were so important fall to the floor, and what you’re left with is the stuff that really mattered all along. The thing about the sifting is that it feels like it comes out of nowhere. You’re going through the motions of life as usual, until all of a sudden, you’re not. You lose your footing. Up and down don’t make any […]

You Need To Know This, Mama: You’re Not Failing.

We live in a culture of more and hurry. Day in and day out we are bombarded with phrases like maximize your time. Capitalize your gain. Follow these five easy steps and you too can do these 67 million things all before 6 a.m. Because let’s be honest, if you aren’t hustling then you aren’t winning, right? Right. Sis, there are people out there getting more accomplished before I can even open my eyes. They’re mixing protein shakes, going on a light 10-mile run, checking emails, running their business with one hand, while simultaneously writing inspirational notes for their kiddo’s […]

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