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To the Mom on the Zoom Call

Dear Mom on the Zoom Call, I see you. And not just in the “I see you because I am you” kind of way. I see you in the very real see you right there on my screen kind of way. I see the oversized luggage under your eyes because you were up late last night trying to fit in the work that didn’t happen between 9am and 5pm. I see the toddler wriggling on your lap that everyone is oohing and ahhing over while you are attempting to maintain some semblance of professionalism and contribute to the conversation. I […]

My Father Was A Teacher.

Whenever I go to my grandmother’s house, I ask her about the time the world turned upside down in the blink of an eye. “Well, when I was twelve, something called Coronavirus ripped through our country. It was so scary.” I nod my head, and wait. “People were dying. There weren’t enough ventilators, or masks. Big cities were hit very, very hard.” She takes a moment and shakes her head at the memory of it all. “The government called for a quarantine. They closed everything—schools, shopping malls, hair salons, restaurants.” But how did they learn? “You remember that my father […]

He Doesn’t Know

He knows a lot. He has that mechanical brain.  He knows strategy. He knows numbers. He knows technique. He knows how to win tournaments at a game most of us wouldn’t be able to wrap our head around. He’s smart like that. He thinks deeper than most of us. And I thought I was deep. Nah. His mind wanders to places most of us will never reach. He knows things before things happen. He’s pretty brilliant and I’m not biased. I just observe. He knows how to hold his own. He knows how to survive. After all, the world of […]

Dear Mommy, Down Syndrome Is Beautiful Too — I’ll Show You.

Dear Mommy, Even though I can’t see you just yet, I can hear your pretty voice. As I remain tucked away here in my damp and darkened, squishy world, I pay attention to what you say. I heard how happy you were when you first found out I existed. When you told Daddy about the ‘two pink lines’ he was so excited I could feel him hug you! He even yelled the words ‘TOUCH DOWN!’, whatever that means. I think Daddy is silly like me! As the weeks went on, you sang sweet songs to me while you cradled your tummy, […]

They Love Me Still

Editor’s note: I wrote this post based on conversations with my son Jack, and from observing the incredible love he has for his grandmother and his grandfather. My Grandma is eighty-one years old. She was born in Italy. The year was 1938. She is much shorter than I am. She likes to cook and feed people. She says words a little funny. For an example, if she tells you she is going to bake a cake it sounds like beck a ceck. And instead of air conditioning she says ara condish. This is because she learned Italian before she learned our American language. She makes very good meatballs. […]

Dear World, I’m Just A Human With An Extra Chromosome.

Dear World, I’m just a Human with an extra chromosome, and that’s me in all these pictures. My Mama says that I’m the most beautiful thing she’s evvvver seen in the whole wide universe! After I’ve introduced myself, you’ll see exactly why I want you to celebrate something amazing with me. So, at the very end here, I’m going to invite you to my special party and tell you how you can help me celebrate right from your living room. It’s super fun! By now you may have seen me on Television or in Media Articles around the globe. My name […]

#MomFail or #Winning? Bringing Something a Little Extra to Working Mom Life

I’ve had some funny moments in my time as a working mom, but this one was certainly a first. We started with a rushed morning routine, because Daylight Savings can go pound salt. It was a power shower, eat standing up, goodbye kisses on the run sort of situation. In my attempt to get out the door sort of on time, I skipped brushing my hair in favor of grabbing a brush from the backseat of my car. Then I did my best to “presentablify” myself in the parking lot. When I got to work I was on a roll […]

“Be A Normal Kid,” They Say.

Be a normal kid. Have fun. Act silly. Blow bubbles in the summer breeze and chase waves in the ocean and jump into big piles of autumn leaves. Make friends. Go to birthday parties and sleepovers and on camping trips. What if I can’t, he asked. Try harder, they answered. Try bigger. Try with everything you have.  I am trying.  I am all the time trying. Be a normal kid. Say hello when someone talks to you. Shake hands. Hug people good-bye. What if hugging makes my skin feel like it’s on fire? Do it anyway. Do it, because it’s […]

3-Year-Olds Are Exhausting, But They Are Also Magic.

Three-year-olds might need to be reminded 18 times to put on their coats. They might wake you up at 2 a.m. because their blanket fell off. They might shriek like a howler monkey when you brush their hair or spit toothpaste all over the bathroom when you brush their teeth. But 3-year-olds also hold your face when they kiss your cheek. They cuddle in close on a couch and make you redefine “home.” And my 3-year-old has taken to calling me “my majesty” which makes scraping oatmeal off the floor, my shoes, and an Etch a Sketch much more enjoyable. […]

Perfectionism and The Need to Be Right

Perfectionism is more common than we may think. Of course, we see it in obvious ways such as extreme pressure to complete a task perfectly, getting perfect grades, going above and beyond in work situations and countless OCD behaviors. There are also more covert ways of being a perfectionist that come out in our interactions with others. Many do their best to be “right” in situations, conversations and arguments to the point of perfectionism. You can see in many conversations the need to be right is of primary focus. This is why the dynamic of most conversations consist of an […]

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