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You Need To Know This, Mama: You’re Not Failing.

We live in a culture of more and hurry. Day in and day out we are bombarded with phrases like maximize your time. Capitalize your gain. Follow these five easy steps and you too can do these 67 million things all before 6 a.m. Because let’s be honest, if you aren’t hustling then you aren’t winning, right? Right. Sis, there are people out there getting more accomplished before I can even open my eyes. They’re mixing protein shakes, going on a light 10-mile run, checking emails, running their business with one hand, while simultaneously writing inspirational notes for their kiddo’s […]

Enhancing Your Relationship With the Five Love Languages

It isn’t universally known that there are different ways to love someone and that every person may give and receive it differently. According to Dr. Gary Chapman, the author of The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, each person has a primary love language that reaches deeper than all the others. The 5 distinct languages are: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Physical Touch and Receiving Gifts. Understanding the way you give and receive love to and from your partner can significantly strengthen your connection and romance. First and foremost, it’s important to fully understand […]

No Matter What, This Working Mom Will Be Five Minutes Late.

I could get up at 6, or at 4:45, but I’m going to be five minutes late. Despite best intentions, and lateness prevention I’m going to be five minutes late. No matter the prep work I do before bed No matter the plans mapped out in my head No matter what I thought, what I wrote, what I said I’m going to be five minutes late. I can get myself ready in 10 minutes tops But after that? My control of the morning stops. One kid wakes up grumpy, hungry, or sad The other won’t get her hair combed by […]

16 Lessons for My 16-Year-Old

Today, my oldest daughter turns 16. 16! And for some reason I have butterflies in my stomach. I am kind of a mess over it. 16 feels a little too adult to me. It is way too close to 18 and way too far from little girl. Despite my strong desire to hold onto her way-too-tightly, I am so amazingly proud of who she has become. She is ready to be 16 and take on the challenges that accompany it. She has the tools to make good choices and own the bad ones (because it will happen). She knows she is loved […]

I’d Rather Make A Scene Than Raise A Spoiled Brat.

I’d rather make a scene than raise a spoiled brat. I’d rather my daughter be screaming and crying, fists pounding on the floor, people staring with disbelief in their eyes– than for her to get her way by acting like that. I mean a performance like that deserves a crowd–maybe an Oscar nominee–so I don’t blame anyone for looking at the train wreck in front of them in utter disbelief. I mean, when my daughter is a brat, she can be a real crowd-pleaser too, with her performance of a lifetime. She demands the stares. The eye-rolls. The thank-goodness-that-isn’t-my-child whispers […]

3 Doctor-Approved Suggestions To Make Your Mental Health A Priority At Work.

From pumpkin spice lattes to apple-picking, autumn is seen as a time of renewal. It’s also a time where SAD (seasonal affective disorder) creeps in and makes the rest of the year miserable, especially at the workplace. You may find yourself slowing down and drinking more coffee than you really should in order to keep up with the pace. The darkening days take a toll on your mental health. Don’t despair! Here are three ways to boost your mood during the day and increase your productivity. You’ll enjoy the new season with peace. Tune Out and Turn Up We’ve all […]

How I Learned to Manage My Self-Talk.

I locked my keys in the car one day, with the motor running. It’s not something you want to run around telling everyone, but it’s also not something you can solve by yourself. It happened in a strip-mall parking lot, so I decided to ask for help in the stores, while trying to appear as if this wasn’t a dumb thing I’d done, at the same time that the gas was running out. The media outlet looked hopeful, so I ran in and asked whether anyone could open a locked car. One of the staff disappeared to the back, and […]

Enough With Keeping Up Appearances, Let’s Do Authenticity For Real

I hear a LOT of talk about choosing joy. I’ve written things about the impact of your attitude and the power of your thoughts. Totally guilty. I hear a lot about cheering other women on and building each other up and not feeling jealous when another woman has something you would kill for. I’ve written about that, too. Straighten her crown, right? We’re living in the midst of a revolution of thinking. There are so many voices in the public space now actively bucking popular opinion and unwarranted stigma. It’s pretty amazing what our voices can do. We’ve literally shifted […]

You Weren’t Made For Her Race, So Run Your Own.

Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in? Like the odd man out. Like somewhere along the way everyone got the memo except for you. Maybe it went to your junk mail or spam filtered it out, but either way you just don’t quite belong. Do you ever feel like you aren’t enough? Like a train wreck you can’t look away from. A failure. A ticking time bomb of nerves and stress. There are deadlines and appointments. Practices and meal planning. Each thing pulling you in 50 different directions – each reminding you of all the areas you lack. […]

Today I Fought Back Against My Anxiety.

Today I fought back. I fought to take back my own happiness and my own joy. Day after day. Month after month I would tell myself that it would get better. I would be more calm. I would practice more patience and gain back my control. Then month after month it would happen like the flip of a switch. The dark cloud would slide in and with it came the foggy haze. I kept telling myself that this is normal, it’s just motherhood and tiredness. Stresses of life, power through it – you wanted to work and be a mom. […]

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