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Weatherman In Hospice Couldn’t Go To Tree Lighting, So Town Brings Christmas To Him.

In most cities, the weather reporter is a local celebrity. Meteorologists keep you safe by warning you of storms and bring smiles to kids’ faces when they announce a snow day. For Columbus, Ohio residents, that celebrity is Chris Bradley.

Chris has been reporting the weather for more than ten years. Recently, Chris was transitioned to hospice care for leukemia so his fans came up with a plan to lift his and his family’s spirits.


In 2017, Chris was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid leukemia and spent 21 months fighting the disease with chemo, a stem cell transplant, clinical trials, and an immunotherapy trial. In November, Chris shared an update on his Facebook page, letting his friends, family, and fans know that despite all his attempts, the disease is “relentless and sneaky” and he had “run out of options” for treatment.

Since he is now being treated by hospice services, Chris was unable to attend the city’s annual Christmas tree lighting, an event the meteorologist had hosted in the past. So, residents decided to bring the holiday cheer directly to their beloved weatherman, by caroling on his front lawn.


Chris’ local TV station, WBNS, shared a video of the carolers on their Facebook page. In it, hundreds of people stand on the meteorologist’s lawn with candles and sheet music (or smart phones) as they sing “Joy to the World”.

The camera pans the carolers before zooming in on the home’s window to show Chris holding back tears as he soaks up the good cheer.


The video shows the carolers singing a few more songs, while Chris smiles and even sings along. When the group finishes, Chris stands up, smiles, and waves to them in gratitude.


Watch the heartwarming video below, and be sure to spread the good cheer and share with your friends.

Caroling at Chris Bradley's home

Carolers are at the home of Chris Bradley after the tree lighting ceremony in Worthington |

Posted by 10TV – WBNS on Sunday, November 25, 2018

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