BBC Film Crew Baffled At How Tiny Iguana Escapes From Swarm Of Deadly Snakes.

iguana and swarms of snakes

On Sunday night, BBC aired the first episode of “Planet Earth II,” a sequel to the beloved “Planet Earth” documentary series. The episode in it’s entirety was captivating, but the birth of marine iguanas on a galapagos beach was simply electrifying.


Sea iguanas are the only lizard that has adapted to live in the ocean. They live near the shore, clinging in groups to rocks at the very edge of the sea. The amazing creatures dive under the ocean for food, scraping up algae from the rocks with their powerful jaws. Like sea turtles, pregnant Iguanas bury their eggs on the beach… but when it comes time to hatch the race of a lifetime begins.

The scene in the video below opens with a lone baby iguana on the sandy shore, but it is not alone. The lizard is surrounded on all sides by hungry racer snakes looking for an easy meal. The footage that follows is the most thrilling thing you’ll see for a while.

The little lizard bolts through dozens of snakes, desperately making for the safety of the rocky heights above the shore. The result puts any action flick to shame. Check it out below.

The Independent UK caught up with Matthew Meech, who edited the electrifying episode, to ask his inspiration for the feel of the flick. “I’m a bit of a movie fanatic so I kind of pick things up from all over the place – big Hitchcock fan, Christopher Nolan, Scorsese Spielberg etc,” Meech said.

We hope you enjoyed this amazing footage!

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