Dad Tries To Give Mom A Kiss, But Baby’s Reaction Has Them Both Cracking Up!

With all the cute videos we’ve seen at InspireMore, we thought we’d reached the pinnacle of cuteness, but apparently we were wrong.

For whatever reason, the baby in the video below is dead set against letting dad get all of mom’s affection. By the reactions in the video, it’s clear these parents have seen their tyke act adversely when they go in for a smooch, but they obviously still get a kick out of his antics.


Some babies cry when they see their parents kiss, but this little guy just want’s to share the love. Every time dad leans in to kiss mama, baby pulls her face in for a sloppy smooch of his own. Believe us, the result is too cute not to share.

Check it out in the video below! Share and spread a smile!

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