Son Tells Willie Nelson About 92-Yr-Old Songwriter, Decides To Surprise Her With Something Beautiful.

woman cries hearing willie nelson song

Every songwriter’s dream is to have their music picked up and sung by a star. After several years, many give up on their dream and move on, but for 92-year-old Lyndel Rhodes, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Rhodes is a songwriter, though if you ask her she’d say she only ‘tries to’ write tunes. Recently, Rhodes wrote a simple song entitled “Little House on The Hill” that was very dear to her heart. She gave the lyrics to her son Buddy Cannon, a record producer, who worked to find the perfect avenue for those words to be heard.

Then on October 1st, he surprised her when he turned on a song that featured her heartfelt lyrics and melody. The track was recorded and sung by none other than Willie Nelson.

Her reaction when she realized the connection was perhaps the most heartwarming thing I’ve ever witnessed.

As the song kicks off, Cannon asks his smiling mother “what are we listening to?” Rhodes proudly exclaims “Little House on The Hill” while smiling ear to ear. When asked who is singing her song, she responds in the most adorable way “Mr. Willie… Mr. Willie Nelson.”

As the strains of Willie’s voice came pouring from the speakers, Rhodes started to sing along with the song she knew all too well. Though her voice has begun to fade, she sang her heart out with the man himself.

Just wait till the camera pans to her little red slippers bouncing with excitement… it’s just the best.

It’s never too late to chase your dreams! Check out the proof below.

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