Adorable 3 Year Old Floors Ellen With Her Incredible Skill. She’s Memorized The Entire Periodic Table And More!

Ellen was flabbergasted when three-year-old Brielle showed off her incredible– and nearly unbelievable– memorization skills on The Ellen Show. In six short months, the toddler memorized the entire Periodic Table of Elements. Not only does she know the name and symbol for every element, she also knows facts about each one. But she explained to Ellen– in her adorable little voice– that she knows more than that.


“I know my states and capitals, and I also know the Periodic Table of Elements, and I know all my countries in Europe in Africa, and also the presidents.” Her little speaking voice is so precious. She pronounces Africa “aff-ta” and Ellen completely melts. The adorable little tyke steals the hearts of absolutely every person in the room with her pigtails and incredible memory.

“How do you remember all this?” asks Ellen. “My little brain just remembers!” Brielle responds. It’s so adorable!

But Brielle doesn’t have everything figured out. “Can you read?” Ellen asks her. “No,” Brielle replies. “Not yet, but I’m sounding out words!” It’s adorable. We hope that Brielle keeps her love of learning for the rest of her life! Check Brielle’s incredible interview below.

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