Woman With MS Begins Sobbing At Mall, Her Husband’s Intricate Surprise Will Floor You.

flashmob for wedding anniversary woman with MS crying

A woman named Laura Gilbertson was at a mall in Liverpool, with her husband Carl, when she got the surprise of her life. It all started when her husband led to her a spot in the mall in front of a group of college students. That’s when one of the students handed her a rose and began to sing.

Little did Laura know, her husband had been scheming with a friend of his– the Head of Musical Theatre at Liverpool Media Academy– to came up with a surprise for Laura for their 10th wedding anniversary. Carl knew he wanted to do something extra special for Laura this year. She had begun suffering from the worst of multiple sclerosis, so he worked to make the day extra perfect.

It turned out, Carl hadn’t planned for just one student to serenade his wife, before she knew it, a whole crowd of singers stood up to perform the Bruno Mars hit “Just the Way You Are.”

When the camera cuts to Laura’s face… There are no words! She’s totally sobbing, clearly moved by her husband’s gift and declaration of love.

As if the song’s beautiful lyrics weren’t sweet enough, the way that Carl interacts with his wife while the students perform is so touching! He crouches down beside her wheelchair and holds her hands, kisses her shoulder, and wipes tears off her face… So precious!

At the end, as the music cuts out and the students start to clap, a giant poster reading “Happy anniversary, Laura” is brought out.

What an incredible gift! Watch the full surprise below and share.

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