Man Writes Secret Love Notes On Whiteboard Everyday, 1 Year Later Girlfriend Gets Surprise Of Her Life.

man in plaid holding whiteboard with little boy on tractor

When 29 year old Danielle Roesch showed up at a party last week, she was surprised to find all of her closest friends and family were already there, some from out of town (even as far as London!). Things got even weirder when someone began to project a movie onto a nearby billboard… and that movie featured her boyfriend, Josh!

“Well, you’re probably wondering what the heck is going on. And why everyone else seems to have an idea and you were left out.” 29 year old Josh Shmitz says to Danielle in this video. “I know how much you like surprises and you know how much I like going over the top with things. So let me explain.” From there, Josh tells her that he has, every day for the past year, been carrying a white board around with him, writing a note on it for her, and recording himself with it. And it’s all been leading up to this epic proposal!

“You’re the most compassionate, caring, loving, confident, beautiful person I know,” says Josh. “You deserve the best. I can’t thank you enough for helping me through this journey they call life and I hope I’m lucky enough to have you by my side forever.”

Josh works early morning shifts as a heavy equipment manager, so he doesn’t get to see Danielle a lot during the week. He wanted to prove to her just how much he thinks about her on a daily basis by recording daily videos with notes for her. The notes said things like:

“Will you marry me, Danielle?”
“I can’t wait to spend forever with you, Danielle.”
“You mean everything to me.”
“I love you a little more everday.”
“Will you be the girl to grow old with me?”
“I can’t wait to be the husband of your dreams.”

In the video, Josh records himself holding up the sign while working, lying in bed, brushing his teeth, shaving… The idea is to show her that even in the little every day things, Danielle is still on Josh’s mind.

The very last note is the most important; it says “Meet me down by the lake! I have a question to ask you.”

After the movie ended, Danielle and friends walked to the lake to find Josh waiting, surrounded by rose petals, on one knee.


Of course, Josh had his trusty white board at the ready. After asking Danielle if she would be his bride, Josh handed her a white board with boxes marked “yes” and “maybe.” There was no option for “no.”

Danielle checked “yes” in permanent marker.

Check out Josh’s adorable year-long proposal below!

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