Wounded Veteran Walked In Crying, Then Wife Spots Note In His Hand & Breaks Down Too.

For many of us who have never experienced the brutality of war, it can be hard to understand just how challenging it can be for war veterans to come home and go back to normal life. Not only are the two worlds completely different from each other, but just enduring daily life can be challenging; veterans can often become overwhelmed, feeling the world is filled with things that are too painful to deal with.


Christopher Garrett was a war veteran who had been wounded in combat while in Iraq. His pelvis had been shattered and,
though he had gone through treatment to heal it, the wound was never the same. He couldn’t walk without a limp and he found that many things he tried to do were nearly impossible without feeling pain.


Although these things were hard for Christopher, he was determined to keep pushing through the pain and staying focused on enjoying his life with his wife Brittany Garrett and their young son. This of course involved daily and weekly chores, one of those things being the lawn that needed to be mowed every week. The Garrett’s only had a push mower which was incredibly painful and difficult for Christopher to use. However, every week he would get out there and mow the lawn on his own no matter how long it took.

That is until one morning when Christopher walked into the house with tears in his eyes and a letter in his hand. Immediately, Brittany was scared and thought something was wrong, but Christopher quickly assured her that nothing was wrong. In fact, his tears were tears of joy.


In his hand he held a letter that read:

“I hope this saves time for the things that matter most in your life. Thank you for your service and for my freedom. Sincerely, A grateful American.”

An incredibly kind stranger had noticed the difficulty that Christopher had in mowing his lawn and had decided to gift him with an amazing gift – a riding lawn mower!


Christopher and Brittany have no idea who left this amazing gift outside of their house so they took to Facebook to share this story and hopefully show the kind stranger how incredibly grateful they are for this life-changing mower.


“Thank you, whoever you are,” wrote Brittany. “You don’t know how much pain this is going to save him from!”

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