Man Sits Girlfriend Down Under 700 Floating Balloons, Overwhelms Her With Perfect “Up” Themed Proposal.

Many a young girl (and grown woman) dreams of the day when the love of her life will get down on one knee, profess his love, and propose. There’s something deeply romantic and dreamy about the whole idea. Some dream of a grand proposal, with lights and smoke and maybe a jumbotron.


For others, something simple and intimate is more appealing. Either way, it’s important that the proposal– whatever it may be– is personalized to that particular couple.

This groom-to-be achieved just that!

His proposal is the best of both worlds: there’s a big, beautiful spectacle, but its also from the heart. And it’s definitely personalized to their relationship. Seven years ago, while they were still in high school, Eric met his future wife, Katherine.

The two dated through high school, college, and nursing school, so Eric was more than ready to get down on one knee for his love. To make the day absolutely perfect, he planned a special proposal inspired by the Pixar movie Up, their favorite movie. Not only does he have 700 balloons, he has a violinist playing the music from Up, a scrapbook full of precious memories from their relationship, and a video he made of some of his happiest moments with Katherine.

It’s completely heart-melting.

The way Eric planned every detail of this proposal is a true testament to the way he loves Katherine. Check out the beautiful video below, and be sure to watch until the end– that’s definitely the best part!

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