6-Yr-Old Sneaks Sleeping Mom’s Thumbprint, Then Uses Phone To Go On Online Shopping Spree!

little girl holding pokemon stuffed animals

As any parent knows, sometimes kids don’t exactly behave the way one might hope and expect. We saw that when we looked at the funniest answers kids gave to test questions… their responses definitely had us cracking up! Then there was the hilarious skit starring Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon as their middle-school selves; they definitely had a great time acting like misbehaving kids. But, even if we expect kids to get a little naughty sometimes, the mom in this story was definitely shocked by her mischievous little girl’s actions!


Mom Bethany, and her daughter, 6-year-old Ashlynd, were settled on the couch for a mother-daughter movie night when Bethany accidentally dozed off. Little did Bethany know, but little Ashlynd used her nap to go online shopping…

When Bethany’s husband got home, he asked her about the $250 charge to Amazon he’d noticed. “I said, ‘What’re you talking about? I didn’t purchase anything,'” recalled Bethany. “We thought we’d been hacked at first.”

Bethany checked her Amazon app on her phone and saw that someone had recently purchased 13 items, set to be delivered to their home… and all items were Pokémon toys, her daughter’s current obsession.

When Bethany asked Ashlynd about the order, Ashlynd quickly confessed that she purchased the toys. “‘Yeah mommy! I went shopping. But don’t worry, all of it is going to come straight to the house!”” Ashlynd told her mom.


Ashlynd didn’t realize she’d done anything wrong; the little girl didn’t yet have any idea how money works. Bethany used the moment as an opportunity to teach her daughter, explaining the value of earning things she wants.

But there was still one mystery left to solve. “I asked her, ‘How’d you get into my phone? Did you remember my code?’ And she said, ‘No, I used your thumb!'”


Luckily for Bethany, she hadn’t done her Christmas shopping yet.

“We told her the next morning that the Elf on the Shelf went back to Santa Claus and told him what happened, and that he’d decided to intercept those presents and would bring them on Christmas morning. So, on Christmas morning she was opening things, saying, ‘This is what Santa brought me! I ordered it and he brought it to me!'”


There’s nothing like a little kid to keep you on your toes!

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