Hip Hop And Swing Dancers Face Off In Jaw Dropping Battle, But Come Together At The End For Epic Dance Party!

This dance battle between hip hop and swing dancers is 20 minutes of insane talent and pure fun! The Montreal Swing Riot hosted this battle between vintage and modern dancers, “bringing together swing, jazz, soul, funk, and break beats in one epic battle.” And it certainly is epic.


Harry Shum, better known as Mike Change from Glee, commented on the video saying “The best part is when the street dancers get down to the jazz music, when the Lindy Hoppers dance to hip-hop, it is an awesome mash-up of dance styles.” And he’s so right! It’s hard to even tell which dancers belong to which group; they all mimic the different styles so seamlessly.

The music starts with Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal before transitioning into something a little more vintage, something perhaps out of the 1930s. For the rest of the dance battle, the music shifts back and forth between styles and finally culminates with DJ Snake & Lil Jon’s Turn Down For What. It’s so much fun!

As much variety as there is in the music, there’s even more variety in the dance moves. One of best moments is from 7:20 to 7:50, a couple completely masters a combination of moves from several eras, including a James Brown split.

At 13:44, the entire group on the left breaks into one, big routine. And at 16:40, the group on the right breaks into a group dance in reply. Everyone is so incredible talented, that it is impossible to pick a clear winner!

Watch the full video below.

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