This Site Will Make A Stuffed Animal Clone Of Your Dog… And It’s Unbelievably Real-Looking!

In a perfect world, our furry friends would be with us forever. Not a day would go by without their tailwagging unconditional love, walks around the block and perfect companionship. The truth is, one day our pets leave us behind, but hopefully not without years of memories to cherish.


Die hard pet lovers can consider keeping their memory alive forever with taxidermy or cloning -yes, you can clone your pet around $100,000- but one company has come up with a considerably less creepy option  for pet owners who desperately miss their furry friends.

Cuddle Clones, based out of Louisville, Kentucky, uses several pictures and an owner provided, detailed description of their late furry friend to build a near perfect likeness of the dearly departed pet. It’s amazing how accurate it is.

Check out these side by sides… pretty crazy, right!?

1. Jin Sang

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