Mexican Dad Brings ‘Rogue One’ Actor To Tears, His Reaction To Hero’s Latino Accent Goes Viral.

Ever since the release of A New Hope in 1977, the world has been in love with Star Wars. Time and time again, we’ve seen how this beloved series has brought hope and goodness to people. There was the dad whose son, Jack, was born with a skull defect requiring Jack to wear a helmet at all times. Dad painted the helmets with Star Wars designs! Then there was the time the cast of Star Wars visited sick children in the hospital.


In 2015, a new Star Wars came out, The Force Awakens, and it not only amazed people with stunning visuals and a story consistent with the original world fans know and love… it also impressed people with a diverse cast. The latest Star Wars film, Rogue One, continued this commitment to diversity, featuring heroes of varying ethnic backgrounds.

One of the main characters in Rogue One is Cassian, played by Mexican actor Diego Luna. When a Star Wars fan took her Mexican father to see the movie, Luna’s accent meant the world to him. He couldn’t believe the star of a major hit movie sounded just like him!

She shared the story in the heartwarming post below:


Luna saw the post and shared it on Twitter, saying he got emotional while reading the story. Many others have responded as well, calling Luna’s performance an inspiration, and smiling at the thought of this dad’s special Star Wars experience.

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