Pranksters Steal Flamingos From Fundraiser For Sick Girl, Then Cops Receive Anonymous Apology Letter.

The general modus operandi of thieves is not to return the items that they have stolen. But some pranksters in New Hampshire had a drastic change of heart and decided they could no longer keep what they had stolen when they found out what they had in their possession.


The still unidentified thieves spotted plastic, orange flamingos all across the town of Weare, New Hampshire and decided it might be fun to take some of the outdoor decorations and toss them along the road. It was only after they discovered what the orange flamingos represented that they felt terrible for the act and returned them, along with an anonymous letter to the police department, that included a donation.

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The plastic orange flamingos were part of a fundraiser for little Abby Van Dyke, a 12-year-old who is battling Leukemia.

When a group of townspeople heard about Abby, who was diagnosed last month, they created a Facebook group to raise the money needed for her expensive medical treatments that would be needed. created entitled #AbbyStrong “Army.”

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The #AbbyStrong “Army” group decided to help by creating a fundraiser. They sold orange, plastic flamingos that were then placed around town. Orange is the color for Leukemia awareness.

“It was mostly about getting as many out before she came home from the hospital, so she’d drive through town and see them, and know that everyone was thinking of her and praying for her and her family,” Tippy Johnston, a family friend, said. Over 1,300 flamingos were sold in support of Abby’s battle.

The pranksters took the flamingos last week but when they learned about Abby’s story they couldn’t bear the guilt of their prank.

14124484_1167380356651391_7588138634057030063_ovia Facebook

“We are truly sorry for our actions and had no idea what the flamingoes on Colby Road symbolized. We would have never taken them,” the thieves said in the letter written to the police department. “[We] will never do anything like this again.”

The thieves also included an undisclosed amount as a donation to Abby’s family for medical expenses.

The Weare Police Department shared a photo of the letter on Facebook and wrote, “I received a letter (holding some cash inside) this afternoon. Thank you all for the teamwork! The money will be delivered to Abby’s Army. #abbystrong.”

What an awesome change of heart!

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