Photographer Crawls Through Swamp To Save Frantic, Dying Animal. Friend Videos Entire Rescue.

man in swamp holding drenched animal

A wildlife photographer’s job is to capture the image of an animal, not to literally capture it in their arms! But one wildlife photographer did just that. His reason for doing it, however, is incredibly noble.


Krzysztof Chomicz was out looking for a subject to photograph near the swampy marshes of Swinoujscie, a city in north-west Poland, when he spotted a large bird of prey stuck in the mud. He knew that if he did’t act fast the bird would eventually suffocate on the mud; so he immediately sprang into action, jumping into the mud to save him. the camera on his drone captured Chomicz’s entire rescue.

In the video, Chomicz struggles in the mud with a rope tied around his waist, trying to hold the bird while a partner on solid land pulls on the rope to drag Chomicz and the gigantic bird out of danger.

Luckily both Chomicz and the bird made it out of the marsh, and Chomicz took the bird to an animal shelter for treatment. The staff cleaned the bird up and identified him as a white tailed eagle, only about 6 months old.

The animal shelter then named the eagle Icarus after the character from Greek mythology. While this eagle didn’t fly too close to the sun, the mud proved almost as trying. Thanks to quick work by Chomicz, things ended better for eagle-Icarus than the one of Greek lore!

Watch Chomciz’s awesome rescue below.

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